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Picture 1 Pacific Beach (San Diego) Picture 2 My first bike (Saudi Arabia)
Picture 3 Current bike:  Kawasaki Ninja 1100 Picture 4  Market  in KSA
Picture 5 A Night at the Roxbury with KUNDUZ (Downtown Cafe) Picture 6 The Royal Bengal TigerHeart
Picture 7 My current mode of transport (1996 Infiniti G20) Picture 8 My Party (Brag) Mobile (Jaguar with GPS, VCR, and TV)
Picture 9 Stumped Picture 10 My evil sidekick--Pinky
Picture 11 JUMPSUIT Picture 12 WETSUIT
Picture 13 My short lived acting career......or is it? Picture 14 I love GOTHIC.....but I'm not in the Trench Coat Mafia
Picture 15 All thugz do this pose atleast once. so here is mine Picture 16 Got it goin' on
Picture 17 Picture 18
Picture 19 Picture 20
Picture 21 The rest of the pictures are offline for now Picture 22 COMING SOON (By request)
Picture 23 COMING SOON (really) Picture 24 COMING SOON (whoa!)
Picture 25 COMING SOON (yeah, yeah) Picture 26 COMING SOON ( u don't wana see this one)
Picture 27 Graduation at Kearny High School (San Diego) Picture 28 Gotta keep up my skils.....sais help
Picture 29 007...Licensed to kill Picture 30 All legal -- and lethal to intruders
Picture 31 My first car 1995 (1988 FORD ESCORT GT) Picture 32 Boogie Nights
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I'm 22. Born in Kampala, Uganda (Africa); grew up everywhere. I traveled somewhat and lived in different countries. Africa to Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh then California. L.A. to Fresno to Bakersfield, then here in San Diego and have been living here ever since. Been to India, Thailand, Korea, England, and Mexico (woo hoo!). I did a lil role in Three Kings. It opens this summer. Visit my Three Kings page. I love Tomb Raider, Star Wars, X Files, most music (Dance, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Rave,etc.), watching long movies ( 2 favs are GATTACA and DRAGONHEART) , Scuba diving (Yes, I'm a PADI certified open water diver) (always on the lookout for a good scuba partner), snorkeling,  surfing, body (boogie) boarding, swimming, Fencing, Martial Arts of all kinds (Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kung Fu, Tae..) Kick Boxing, etc. I am a man of many hobbies.



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